Strange Situation Training

Trainers certified in teaching the Strange Situation:

Elizabeth Carlson:
Alan Sroufe:
Robert Weigand:
Training in the Strange Situation Laboratory Procedure is done at the University of Minnesota across two consecutive weeks . One may register for both weeks or for just one of the two weeks. Both weeks of training involve review of numerous video recorded Strange Situations cases.

Week 1
This training covers how to run the Strange Situation, how to code Ainsworth’s rating scales, and the ABC categories. The Disorganized (D) category is also introduced.
Cost: $600 (includes purchase of 10 practice videos)

Week 2
This second week of SS training focuses on the clinically important Disorganized (D) category.
Cost: $600

Currently Scheduled Training: 2018
WEEK 1: ABC TRAINING: Minneapolis, MN
Dates:  August 8-August 12
Trainers: Robert Weigand and Alan Sroufe
Contact: Robert Weigand at:
WEEK 2: D TRAINING: Minneapolis, MN
Dates: August 12-17
Trainer:  Elizabeth Carlson
Contact: Elizabeth Carlson at:

TRAINING IN Cambridge, England, 2019
Coding Disorganized Infant Attachment (in the Strange Situation Procedure)
Location: Cambridge, UK
Dates: March 4-8, 2019
Trainer: Prof. Marinus van Ijzendoorm

Coding Parental Sensitivity
Location: Cambridge, UK
Dates: March 4-8, 2019
Trainer: Prof. Marian BakermansKranenburg

For more information: Guy Skinner at:

To register for these training opportunities in Cambridge:


Adult Attachment Interview Trainers’ Consortium:
Erik Hesse and Mary Main, Directors

Anders Broberg <>
Anna Maria Speranza <>
Anna Tmej <>
David & Deanne Pederson <> (emeritus)
Debby Jacobvitz <>
Erik Hesse <>
Howard Steele <>
June Sroufe <> (emeritus)
Kazuko Behrens at: <>
Kiyomi Kondo-Ikemura at: <>
Loyola McLean <>
Melitta Fischer-Kern <>
Miriam Steele <>
Nancy Kaplan <> (not currently training)
Naomi Bahm <>
Nino Dazzi <>
Pehr Granqvist <>
Sonia Gojman-de-Millan <>
Sonya Vellet <>
Tord Ivarsson <>

Naomi Gribneau Bahm, Coordinator:
The AAI Trainers Consortium:

Learning to score and code the Adult Attachment Interview begins with a two-week intensive training institute. As important background, the institute starts with a brief summary of Bowlby’s attachment theory, a description of the Infant Attachment categories of Mary Ainsworth (including the Strange Situation Procedure), and the subsequent links to adult attachment theory and the Adult Attachment Interview. Following this preliminary review, the bulk of the training is focused on the AAI scoring and coding system developed by Mary Main and Ruth Goldwyn. AAI transcripts are both studied and scored by trainees outside of class and also carefully reviewed during class time. Less formal discussion of research and clinical questions that arise during the training is scheduled and conducted as needed. Upon completion of the course, trainees are given several booklets to take with them for continued study and practice in preparation for certification testing. The certification process takes an additional 18 months and consists of three tests taken at 6-month intervals. Each test is a set of about ten transcripts to be coded.

Cost: $2600 This price covers the two-week training and the follow-up certification process.



Location: Mainz, Germany
Dates: May 28-June 8, 2018
Trainers: Dr. Howard Steele and Dr. Miriam Steele
Contact: Dr. Howard Steele at:

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Dates: July 30 to Aug 10
​Trainers: Dr. Kazuko Behrens and Dr. Kiyomi Kondo-Ikemura​
​​Contact: Dr. Kazuko Behrens at:

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Dates: September 17-28, 2018
Trainers: Dr. Sonya Vellet and Dr. Naomi Gribneau-Bahm
Contact: Dr. Sonya Vellet at:


Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Dates: Exact dates to be announced
Trainers: Dr. Sonia Gojman-de-Millan with Dr. Salvador Millan
Contact: Dr. Sonia Gojman-de-Millan at:
This training will be in Spanish/English

Location: Vienna, Austria
Dates: Feb. 11th – Feb. 22nd , 2019
Trainers: Dr. Melitta Fischer-Kern and Mag. Anna Tmej
Contact: Anna Tmej at:
Priority will be given to German-speaking applicants.

Location: Berkeley, California
Dates: June or July, 2019
Trainers: Dr. Mary Main, Dr. Erik Hesse, Dr. Naomi Gribneau Bahm
Contact Dr. Naomi Gribneau Bahm at: